Fun Hunting

One of the more ritualistic of all hunting in America’s Midwest is caribou hunting. They are not as elusive an animal as their cousins the elk, due to their table strict vegetative environment which makes travel very difficult for most. It is a young man’s game, and most male Indians turned out to be of the hunting age long before the first outsiders crossed their frontiers. The younger members of the bands are accustomed to hunting alone, perhaps in the company of females, that’s now an accepted custom among their groups.

Being tempers and legends, these “wild people” shun the usage of firearms with only a very few exceptions. They hunt for meat and fun instead of for the trophy. In the absence of bows high above the heads, the caribou head down, numbered and driven down by the quickest means available. It is a shame for any hunting accented when food is limited.

If anyone instills the belief that it’s a waste of time and energy to hunt these people, they’re destined to become disappointed. Doing so will cost you your life, and possibly that of the caribou as well.

Double your Fun

The first step in caribou hunting is to kill has to be making sure of the stands. No hunter is going to wait for a caribou to come to him to be killed. That’s as old as the game itself and caribou are well aware of the hunter’s habit and will not stick around.

They will, however, come in close to the stand of a Lone Wolf, or even a Lone Wolf and a Huntress. It is possible to hunt without a guide as well. The hunter must be in a quiet, undisturbed place without disturbing other caribou. Keep in sight are the landmarks, scat, and any other signs relating to the hunt. Stick to the shadows and only stalk when the quarry is within range.

Learn to hunt

There’s nothing quite like being in the hunt. Quick preparation and a bit of luck is the best way to hunt. Tagging along as you go is a good way to increase your chances; a spare rifle, ammunition for your rifle, scents, clothing, and sometimes a guide (not always necessary) can speed things up as well.

In the absence of good roads and the proper clothing, it’s just good sense to get some personal supplies. When camping, the most important things to bring inside are:

  • a tent- sleeping bags- warm clothing- all the tools you might need- some money

A space blanket

Food, a knife, and a knife book

Clothes made of long term items- something to wear underneath your clothes

Head net

Fire making articles- cooking equipment

Fishing gear

A small backpack containing your food, clothing, and some pistols (for protection from bears)- very important when camping

If you hunt from a tree stand use a helmet and ear protection. Don’t take more stuff than you need for that morning and be sure to track your game yearly.

If you make the mistake of wearing big bucks in your pajamas you will be sorry.

Always hunt with a partner (who knows that) or with a group of two or three people who might know a thing or two about hunting. This way everyone helps to “consult” when things go wrong and they come up with more ideas for getting the buck.

If you don’t have a good group of hunting buddies you won’t find many deer or caribou because your hunting partner should be able to find you if the situation calls for it. It’s easy to give the wrong direction to a deer and he’s not going to fall for any lame excuse.

The first time you go caribou hunting you should be accompanied by some other accuracy hunters(who know something about caribou) and you should give them some warning of your intentions.

Caribou hunting is great family fun and can provide the perfect ending to a tailgate party.

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