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Kambu Videos

Kambu is fed up with being as white as the driven snow. So when he discovers a magic light, he doesn’t hesitate to try and use it to get a suntan… without even considering the consequences.

Another spectacularly bad landing by Kambu… Dumb wants to fix the tiny problem, but sometimes the solutions can be more complicated than the problems. And much more fun!

Kambu is the new canine mailman on a mysterious island, where it is going to cost him more than one would imagine to make friends, because the inhabitants are, let’s say, a little peculiar. This new pet for kids around the wold is full of tenderness and naivety… but he is also a total disaster!


Kambu Games

A good messenger has to be able to recognize the person to whom he’s supposed to deliver a package. Show that you would be as good a delivery person as Kambu by finding the 7 differences in these pictures.

Become an authentic pilot with Kambu’s help. Show your ability by avoiding crashing and help him arrive safe and sound to his destination, so he can successfully make his deliveries.

A good delivery person has to train their memory daily so they’re able to remember all the orders they have to deliver. Train your brain by solving in record time this fun-filled challenge.

Choose one of the white pictures and color it in by moving the computer mouse. Show us that you´re an artist, try to capture the original drawing; or be even more creative and come up with your own design!

Our favorite little pilot dog has begun cooking. Yes, yes, you heard right. And what’s he preparing? If you want to find out, solve this very entertaining interactive puzzle.

Kambu Activities

¿Have you noticed that you are growing day by day? If you keep on growing you won’t need a plane to arrive as high as Kambu. Check with this wall ruler how you became taller and taller every day. There won’t be any cloud too high for you.